About Me

Hi! My name is Brianne and I am an enthusiastic self taught cook.  My life basically revolves around my soon to be hubby, Brendan and our two adorable pit bulls, Lexi & Dutchess.  We work hard and play even harder.  We are a family living in semi-suburban Queens, NYC.  In the future we hope to live in a not-so-hectic neighborhood in a house with a pool- and of course a HUGE kitchen (oh yes, and a HUGE garage for him).

I am a person that loves to dabble in everything, I'm just an easy going person that always has a head full of jumbled ideas- some things I love are country life, domestic beers, friends, motorcycles, gardening, gym, shoes, bags, the outdoors, dogs, camping, sundresses, kitchen gadgets, dinner parties, football (G-Men fanatics) old movies, spicy stuff, summer time and of course food. 
I long for the simplier times.  But I digress...
I'm just a regular home cook always looking to try new things and make impressive meals (that don't require much effort).  We love to BBQ and we do a bunch of camping so I am always trying to eat good even when we aren't at home. 

I am also in the process of planning our wedding, which is August 30, 2013.  I'm a huge fan of DIY easy going enjoyable things- wildflower centerpieces, silk flower bouquets from Etsy, outdoor summer ceremony, and definitely good food with great people.  My family has always been like that- as long as you have great family and friends around you- you'll never have to worry about anything.  I can't wait- I'll have to definitely post pics.

Our babies. Dutchess (back) & Lexi (front)


Behind the Love of Food (and Eating!)
I wanted to create this blog to show that ANYONE can cook.  I learned how to cook because I had to make us something to eat when we first moved in together years ago.  Rachael Ray's 30 Minute Meals was where I first learned to cook (instead of heating up pre-made frozen chicken and boxed side dishes)  I liked the idea of the show because I knew I had limited time and no knowledge.  Now of course I have expanded my reach into different more advanced areas as well.

I not only love to cook but also love to learn about the food I'm cooking.  I feel that is how real cooks/chefs are made. Believe me, YOU CAN COOK.  I mean, I thought a broiler was where you kept extra pans and was a wiz kid with a microwave, now I can whip up a Pommes Anna, homemade BBQ sauce, pizza and different breads from scratch, butcher a chicken etc.  It's all about following the directions, and then you get a sense of substitutions.  Think about what essentially is this food I'm cooking? A fat, a starch, a meat/protein? What other things are fats, starchs, protein? What could I use instead? Or a classic is Ugh! I don't have this one ingredient! So what? Leave it out, or use something you do have that is similar! Culinary magic was born on mistakes and necessity. 

Don't worry it all comes in time, but a lot of these recipes I post are easy to follow and have regular ingredients. So get cooking! Good Luck and Enjoy!

Suggestions? Questions? Email Me: cookeatlove4@gmail.com

Also available for private parties or even if you just need a cook/helping hand.  Any job offers are more than welcome, just email me :)


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