Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lets Do This

So finally I decided to blog. Basically I love food and eating.  I love cooking and learning about food- I would love to open a restaurant or teach people how to cook. I'm not a chef and have not been to culinary school- even though I wish I could- I mean going to school for something you love so much (but alas everything has a price). 

I had to teach myself how to cook when I moved in with my boyfriend about 5 years ago.  When I look back and think about what I used to "cook" for him- Ive come a long way baby.  It was frozen chicken cutlets in a bag from BJ's, a microwaved veggie and a starch (potatoes, boil in the bag rice, pasta roni etc).  Now we eat restaurant quality basically every night.  If we thought we wanted to go out because we craved something specific- no problem- Id cook it up at home.

Cooking at home is learning a skill and producing results we can all appreciate and participate in (aka eating it!)  You know the saying "the way to man's heart is through his stomach"?  Well it's not only men, that's for sure.  Also by cooking at home you are using quality ingredients and can control the fat, salt, and you can pick and choose the things that you want.  Eating healthier now a days is so important, with America's obesity problem growing every year (haha no pun intended).  Also eating healthier (and exercising of course) drops your risk of cancers, diabetes, high blood pressure, and the list goes on.

I love to learn about food too.  So what I hope to carry out with this blog is to post some recipes (most of them being my own hopefully) and also give some tips and knowledge of the food, culture, and preparation of the dish.

Oh, and if anyone has any questions, job offers, or has any corrections/suggestions- lemme know!

Cook, eat, love <3

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