Thursday, March 1, 2012

Eat Yourself Skinny Sponsor Month!

So to kick off this awesome month of being a featured sponsor on Eat Yourself Skinny by Kelly I figured it better be a "skinny-worthy" recipe :)  Also summer time is right around the corner, so time to kick it up a notch with healthier recipes and more fitness tips!

All of my recipes on my blog are recipes I use and eat at home all the time.  My fiance and I are pretty health conscience, gym goers and like to be active in general so eating right is an essential part of our lives.  Eating healthy is so easy to do and little changes in your diet can make a big difference.  Switching to whole grains, figuring out how to make veggies taste good and eating the correct portion size are all good starters!  It's not the calorie counting but changing your life for the better as a whole.  

Besides being good for you, I like to my recipes to be easy to make- because when I get home from work I'm not always looking forward to making an elaborate drawn out meal, but it can look like it took you hours of hard work with minimal effort (and it tastes great!)

So lately I am completely obsessed with no-fat plain yogurt.  Some people are like eewwww, but seriously this stuff is so versatile, after you learn how to use it- it will become a staple in your fridge.  It is also cheap, every week another brand is having a sale which averages about $2.50 for the big (I think its 32oz) container.  You can use it in savory and sweet applications.  I'm going to show you two of my favorites.  Here's the run down:

Grilled Chicken with Chipolte Garlic Sauce and Healthy Refried Beans
Banana "Ice Cream" with Walnuts  (Who says you can't have dessert too?)

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