Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Wedding, Holidays, Stress, Oh My! {Saved by the Pastry!}

So, yea, as I mentioned before I totally got bored of blogging- been in a bit of a rut. Also the past month or so, after Hurricane Sandy, my other half has been working literally non-stop so I'm not used to cooking for just myself!

I basically have so much on my mind. Planning our wedding is fun, but still need to do it. Finally got my dress, which I am super happy I was able to decide on one! And where the hell did December just come from?? Like out of freaking no where. Time is just flying by (and it's a bit scary honestly).  Oh hey there Christmas...

Then we have this money saving thing- because idealistically we would love to be able to buy a home in the next year- I even said it would be ok before the wedding (yea, I know, nuts, maybe).  So yes we dabble in looking for homes when we get a chance.

We did get our tree last weekend! Which I absolutely LOVEEEEE fresh Christmas trees- like LOVE them. Brendan suggested we get a fake one this year- um no. (Glad he decided on a real one again-loveyou!)

Hmmm, what else is on my mind. Oh yea, the fact I will probably need to up my game and find a better paying job next year or so.  And of course I have about 12 million other things floating around in my head- but I'll spare you all ;)

I also need to change the name of this blog- I did once before way back- and it is such a pain in the ass- so I figure I will pay for a real domain name- but now what catchy fun name to call it? How do I sum up this blog? I'm not a good idea starter- but following through on things and making them run smoothly is usually my specialty.  Sometimes it's almost depressing I don't have the drive to do things sometimes or figure whatever I think of will be wrong or not good enough- it's weird- like I said, we all get in ruts.

I've never wrote a post like this before on my blog- but almost felt like throwing everything on my mind down. Then we can see later on how it all works out.

One good thing this Christmas is that I'm cooking for my fam at our house. I'm pretty excited- turkey, green beans, mac and cheese, stuffing, etc etc plus lots of wine.  My dad makes amazing appetizers and I JUST saw the most amazing (and easy!) dessert recipe I'm gunna do:



From French Food at Home (if you've never watched her show on Cooking Channel, I happen to love it) it's   profiteroles stuffed with home made pastry cream and dipped in easy caramel sauce then stacked up. HOW FREAKING AWESOME- like could there not be a more perfect Christmas dessert centerpiece? It's basically a decadent puffy creamy sweet sticky Christmas tree! I CANNOT wait to make this.

Oh yea- the name is French- its crow-kem-boosh- and it means "crunch in the mouth".  It's made from choux (pronounced "shoe") pastry- which most people would know because eclairs are made from it.  Even if you are a non-baker I've made profiteroles (the puff balls) before- super easy, comes together real quick, and with easy ingredients. 

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How many will you be cooking for?

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