Thursday, June 30, 2011

Momma Roe's Week-Night Special

Momma Roe is now Gwandma Woe
Her 3 picky eaters
My mother is one of the most hard working and dedicated women I know.  We were always running around from girl scouts, to dance, to softball, to camping etc.  Meanwhile she had three picky  daughters (Caitlin especially!) and needed to feed them every night.  One thing she is not though, is a good cook, (sorry mom!) BUT she did manage to get us to eat a well balanced meal (meat, side dish and veggie) all the time, even if it was pre-made chicken and microwaved frozen veggies.  I don't know why this one dish stands out in my mind- I think because she actually "taught" me how to make it one time.  Hot dogs fried on the stove-top, frozen peas microwaved with spray butter, and mac and cheese from the box.  Before I posted this blog, I thought maybe I should re-vamp this recipe into something a little more culinary acceptable, but I decided against it because this recipe is perfect for super duper beginners, and moms who need to get their kids to eat something.  I don't know about you, but I've never seen a kid refuse hot dogs and mac and cheese.  Even peas are fun for kids- sweet and small little things.  Oh yea, and when you have nothing defrosted and you're way to drunk to be yielding any sort of sharp objects- this is a recipe for you too ;)

(This feeds two hungry belligerent adults)


  • 3 hot dogs
  • 1 cup of frozen peas
  • 1 box of mac and cheese

  1. Cook mac and cheese as according to the box directions
  2. Fry up the hot dogs til crispy and heated through
  3. Add peas to the frying pan to heat up.  When bright green, turn off the heat and combine all three!
  4. Done and done!
I will reiterate the point that this is SUCH a culinary abomination! Like what is this? a casserole? a...a...I don't even know- but one thing I do know- it's freaking tasty- yea, no leftovers here. Enjoy!  And even though my mom didn't teach me how to cook she taught me how to be a good person and a successful woman.  I love you mom :)

Cheers Mom!
 You're lucky it wasn't the umbrella picture lol. And tell Dad, dont worry he'll get his dedication too <3

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Rosa said...

I love you more!!! And I still make this once in awhile, cause it is tasty! I still enjoy it! Probably because it takes me back to when you guys were little and everyone sat at the table together ;)

PS...that drinking picture is way before children! lol

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