Friday, October 21, 2011

Chicken w/ Onion Mustard Gravy

Chicken w/ Onion Mustard Gravy served over egg noodles and the veggie of your choice.  Ok, first of all, I don't know anyone who doesn't love egg noodles.  They are the side dish to comfort food, fun for kids, and cheap (especially when you get them on sale- look for them when they have the Jewish holidays).  Anyway, my particular memory of egg noodles is when my mom did a pot roast in the crock pot and then served it over egg noodles- yum (that recipe will have to be another day).  For now- here is a super quick, cheap, delicious and, of course, impressive recipe that you can cook tonight with just a couple ingredients you probably already have on hand!
  • Chicken breasts- figure one per person- I used 3 and butterflied them to make thinner cutlets so they would cook faster- but you can certainly leave them whole- or use skin on or bone in chicken breasts or thighs etc etc.
  • about a cup of regular all purpose flour- for dredging and the gravy
  • 2 cups of chicken broth
  • 2 tablespoons of dijon mustard
  • 1 small onion, diced
  • 2 cloves of garlic, minced
  • 1 tablespoon fresh thyme, chopped (if dry use about a tsp)
  • salt and pepper of course
  • 1 bag of wide egg noodles
  • side vegetable of your choice- I just roasted some sweet potatoes and carrots (dice both into similar sizes- toss with oil, salt, pepper, a little cayenne and fresh thyme- roast for about 15-20 mins on a 425 degree F oven until soft and brown)
  1. In a shallow dish/plate put your flour.  Season your chicken with salt and pepper and then dredge your chicken in the flour.  In a skillet over high heat add some oil and fry your chicken until golden brown on each side.  If they are not cooked all the way through- don't worry- we will continue to cook them later- for now take out of the pan and reserve. (remember the thinner the cut of chicken the faster it will cook)  I had to cook my cutlets in two batches.
  2. When all your chicken is done browning- add a bit more oil to your skillet and lower the heat to about medium high and add your onions, thyme and garlic.  Cook a couple minutes until soft. (Don't let them burn! If they are browning too fast lower the heat!)
  3. Then (if you're comfortable) use some of the leftover flour from dredging to coat the onions.  Overall I used about a 1/4 cup of flour.  If you are not comfortable using that flour- just use fresh flour.  Cook the flour out about a minute or two.  If you thought we are making a roux- you are right!
  4. Next add the chicken stock and gently whisk to combine.  Cook over medium heat until thickened (about 5 minutes).  Then slide the chicken pieces back into the gravy and either just heat through- or continue cooking if your chicken wasn't cooked through yet.
  5. Serve over egg noodles!

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